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Return Man Linebacker

Play the free online game Return Man Linebacker. Mission of the game: Play perfect defense, unlock special moves to tackle and score faster.  Following flash game Return Man 4 or also known as Linebacker, is all about football, defense, unlocking special abilities and sport fun. When you lose a total of four defensive stands, you will lose the game.

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Return Man 2: Zombies


Description: Get to the catch area and then head off towards the end zone to try and score a touch down as you avoid and use your blockers to stop the zombies that are your opposition. Try and complete all 10 touch down passes in this fun new American Football game Return Man 2: Zombies.

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Tips to play Return Man 2 effectively

Return Man 2 will keep you energetic and will help you in improving your game skills. In the game only three special moves are awarded to the runner but in Return Man 3 there are eight special moves that can help you in tackling the opponent players. As the game progresses, you will get strong defenders and special abilities will be unlocked. Return Man 3 is the introduced with advanced features and more interesting game play. If you are done with playing return man 2 then you should try return man 3 as it will give you more joy and fun.


These tips will help you to pass the levels easily. So, you should read them carefully and implement them when you are playing return man 2.

The yellow marker with the time is the location where the ball will fall. You need to get to the spot before the marker is filled. This will help you to catch the ball effectively. If you are unable to reach the marker before the stated time, the ball will fall on the ground, and you should pick it up before getting tackled.

As you progress in the game, you will be awarded more skills and more possessions. More possessions mean that you will have more chances to pass the stage. On the other hand, more skills will help you to avoid the tacklers.
The field will be filled with defenders, and they will do anything to stop you. You should use the special moves to get pass them and score a touchdown.
While running on the field, you will see lightning bolt sign on the field; you should pass over the sign for extra speed and extra points.
The cleats sign on the field will help you to have a firm grip on the field. Cleats will help you from slipping on the ice and mud.
The visor sign will help you to avoid fog so that you can see the defenders easily
In return man 2, the defenders will push you, and they will try to strip the ball from you. If you have lost control of your player and have lost the ball, you can easily go back and pick up the ball and resume your run.
The return man 2 save the progress of each player. So, you can easily continue the game where you left it.
Scoring Tips:

These tips will help you to score more points in the game. You can share your achievements and points with your friends with the help of quick share button.

Use the Pick-ups:

You will find different pick-ups as you move in the field. Try to run over them to activate them. This will also increase your final score. Three different types of pick-ups are cleats, visors and bolts.

Time is the key:

You should try to score the touchdown as soon as possible. You can gain more points if your score early.

Avoid using Power-ups:

You should only use the power-ups when you are stuck between the defenders. The power-ups will cost you plenty of points. So, try to finish the level without using the power-ups.

Go on a roll

When you consecutively pass the stages in the game, you will be able to get more points. So, try to pass the stages without losing the possession.

Play game Return Man Linebacker

Return Man 2: Mud Bowl


Play game Return Man Linebacker

Return Man 2

Play the free online game Return Man Linebacker. Mission of the game: Play perfect defense, unlock special moves to tackle and score faster. American football is an amazing and entertaining game indeed, now there is a flash version available for dedicated gamers – Return Man 4 also known as.

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